Top 5 Must Try 918Kiss Games In 2024

top 5 must try 918kiss games

918KISS has established itself as one of the most widely known mobile slot games in Asia. Formerly known as SCR888, it is popular across Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.  

This online mobile slots platform has over one million downloads. There are more than eighty enticing and enthralling slot games on 918KISS, with a relatively simple interface that can be accessed by anyone who wishes to play the games. Ever wondered why 918KISS is so popular in Asia? 

The answer is pretty simple: it offers wonderful odds and jackpots. You’re more likely to win in 918KISS than any other online mobile casino game. The most popular slot games in 918KISS are Wukong, Great Blue, Thai Paradise, and Jin Qian Wa.


918kiss wukong

This is one of the most popular 918KISS online slot games. In this game, players can be rewarded by the four pilgrims, which includes a base game of five reels and fifteen pay lines. 

The Monkey King is the biggest paying character and provides an active pay line that can hit your line’s bet lap up to ten thousand times. Another interesting feature of the Monkey King is that it is capable of replacing every other symbol except the Scatter and can multiply any wins a player generates. 

In this game, the Scatter can initiate payouts or incentives in the base game all of a sudden and can also unlock the free spins of Sun Wukong. This usually occurs when three or more instances of Sun Wukong are imminent.


918kiss cleopatra

918KISS Cleopatra slot game is perfect if you are searching for a wonderful slot game that offers progressive jackpot invectives. It is a top choice for online casino gamers in Asia and is one of the many highest payout 918kiss slots out there.

The progressive jackpot is designed in a way that it could be randomly triggered and reward any gamer who is lucky enough. One interesting feature about the jackpot is that it doesn’t consider the amount of cash you bet with or the set of combinations that show up in the pay lines. 

Moreover, you can also find other jackpots worth one thousand coins ready to reward lucky winners in this online casino slot game.   This jackpot can be initiated at any point in time when online casino gamers eventually get five Scarab or Cat symbols in the pay line. 

Many other tips can enable gamers to win this game, and the rewards are pretty alluring.

918KISS Cleopatra Gold is not just built to make lucky players win; it is also an entertaining online casino slot game, which is a perfect choice for most casino gamers. 

While playing, gamers will experience a display with animation effects as soon as the Cleopatra symbol demonstrates a winning combination. The Pyramid symbol initiates the Scatter payouts. Nonetheless, one can barely notice the animations in the Cleopatra Gold.


918kiss great blue

The  Great Blue Slot casino game is one of the most popular 918KISS games of 2020. The game contains five reels and twenty-five pay lines. It is one of the most easily accessible online casino games in Asia. 

Anyone can play the game because it is relatively easy to understand. To play, all you have to do is to place your bets by clicking on “Change Coin,” activate your lines, and wager on each line to receive great rewards. 

Your rewards are often dependent on how many wagers you place. To start playing, click on the spin button and watch the reel begin to spin. An autoplay button has been designed for gamers who lack the patience to press the spin button. 

This autoplay button can help you spin the reels for a specific amount of time without stopping. To boost your odds of getting rewards in Wild and Scatter, you can easily select “bet max,” and you will wager on the highest possible bet. If you haven’t played this game before, you should do so now by using 918Kiss Free Credit.


918kiss thai paradise

Sometimes, you don’t need to go on a vacation or visit a particular region to experience nature’s beauty and awesomeness. Sometimes, all you need to do is play an online casino game to experience the wonderfulness of nature! 

Thai Paradise — one of the best online casino games — offers the best gaming experience in the casino world. The game’s aesthetics were designed to mimic Thailand’s beautiful landscape and cultural heritage.

The Thai Paradise casino slot game comes with conventional card alphabets and numbers — 10, J, Q, K, and A. However, these icons have Thai-influenced designs. The deep teal background has a green interface, which enables gamers to access the atmosphere in the game easily. 

Additionally, there is a glamorous spot presented by the icons, which represents a royal palace and a beautiful “lady.”

There a lot of reward features in the game and massive jackpot winnings.

Once you start playing this game, there’s a high tendency that you wouldn’t want to play any other casino game!


918kiss jin qian wa

This game is one of the few online casino games that was designed with an oriental gaming theme. The layout and interface ooze Chinese settings and have forty pay lines with red pokal symbols. 

The most significant symbols include a gold frog, the Ying&Yang, an elephant, a golden turtle, and a dragon. All of these symbols are found in traditional Chinese folklore. 

The golden turtle tells gamers what they need to know about the Chinese community and creates winning chances. The Ying&Yang symbol characterizes good and evil. The golden frog and the golden turtle indicate that there is adequate gold that suggests profitable rewards.

The oriental setting was designed to entice gamers as well as to provide a wonderful gaming experience. This is one of the best online casino slot games in 918KISS. Haven’t tried it yet? Do so now — you won’t regret it!

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