918Kiss Terms And Conditions

918kiss Terms and Conditions


We believe that you have agreed to our terms and conditions by visiting this website. Kindly note, you should stop visiting our website if you do not agree with our terms and conditions.

918kiss terms and conditions



We use cookies on this page. Therefore, by visiting and browsing through our page, you have agreed to use cookies in compliance with our privacy policy.


All intellectual property rights are owned by 918KISS, and its licensors except this are stated in other terms. 918KISS solely owns the rights to all its intellectual property, and you can only access these properties without restrictions when you agree with the 918kiss terms and conditions.

A few sections on the 918KISS official website provide an avenue for visitors to share opinions, ideas, data, and information. In such sections, users may post comments about 918KISS casino games and other relevant content. 

The website does not regulate, delete, filter, review, or publish comments made by users before accessing the website. However, these comments do not act as evidence of the opinions or behaviours of casinos, casino agents, and other people affiliated with 918KISS online casinos. 

The comments only reflect the perception or opinion of the user who posts them. To the extent to which the laws permit, 918KISS cannot be held accountable for the comments made by its users or the expenses or damages incurred due to the comments made on the website. 

It is within the rights of 918KISS to observe all the comments in any section of the website and remove any comment that breaches the standards or the 918kiss terms and conditions of the website.


One User Is Only Allowed One Account

1. All promotional offers in 918KISS are entirely reserved for one individual, shared computer, shared IP address, account number, telephone number, and email address.

Users Are Not Permitted To Make Wager In Multi-Player Mode

2. Individuals in the king, multi-player, and casino categories are not permitted to make wagers. If they are caught doing so, the 918KISS administrators will cut off the bonus rewards or any winning related to the player’s account.

Withdrawal Criteria

3. Before players can withdraw from their accounts, they must meet the rollover requirements of 918KISS, as most of their promotions come with these requirements.

Bonus Abuse Will Not Be Tolerate

4. 918KISS has all the rights to cancel the bonus eligibility, the bonus amount, as well as every bonus related to the earnings of a particular player or group of players who are suspected to be following some dishonest and manipulative betting patterns that could make them make winnings through illegal means. These dishonest activities could be common betting patterns across similar events or markets that could be discovered in a month or after a couple of months.

Roulette Rules

5. Bets placed on two opposite sides or two opposite draws may not be calculated or counted as part of any rollover requirement. Roulette bets placed beyond the number 28 will not also be calculated.

918Kiss Rules

rules of 918kiss

6. If 918KISS discovers any form of bonus abuse, they have every right to cut off the bonus and winnings connected with the bonus reward in the player’s account. 

Personal Information Cannot Be Faked

7. 918KISS will not be held accountable for any player’s inability to provide complete or correct information that could eventually end in a delay or failed delivery of lucky draw prizes.

Promotion Can Be Adjusted

8. 918KISS has every right to adjust, invalidate, reject, or reclaim any promotion if necessary.

Promotion Abuse Will Be Punished

9. Promotion abuse tendencies such as suspicious betting patterns in similar markets or events, dishonest activities, frequency of patterns of bet on similar selection occurring very often, etc., are thoroughly prohibited and unacceptable.


918KISS will not be held accountable for any damaging content that shows up on your website. Users must be willing to protect and defend the integrity of 918KISS against any libel or accusation that occurs on their websites. 

Websites must not carry links that may be considered criminal, deceptive, scandalous, and libellous. Also, links that seem to infringe upon or violate any third-party rights should not appear on any website.


reservation of right

The 918KISS official website reserves all rights to ask users to remove any link or links from their website. When asked, the user is expected to remove the link or links without hesitation. 

The site also reserves all rights to amend, edit, and improve its terms and conditions at any point they deem necessary. Therefore, you agree to abide by the 918kiss terms and conditions stated by the 918KISS administrators by constantly linking to their website.

Links can be removed from the website if they are found to be offensive or damaging. Therefore, users are encouraged to always report such links by contacting the website service providers at any time.  

Once a link is reported to have breached the standards, the administrators will consider removing the website’s link. However, it is not an obligation for them to do so simply because a user requested removing a particular link.

The website neither guarantees that the information provided on it is legitimate and accurate, nor does it assure visitors and users that the website will continue to be accessible or regularly updated.


All warranties, representations,  and conditions are removed from the 918KISS website to the greatest possible length permitted by the law.

The Following Is What The Disclaimer Will Not Include :

  • minimize or remove their liability for death and injury or the liability for death and injury of the user.
  •  minimize or exclude their liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation or the liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation of the user.
  • limit their liabilities or the liability of the user in a manner that doesn’t have the approval of applicable law.

As long as the website and all the information, database, and services found on the website are not paid for, the administrators of 918KISS will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of property or information whatsoever.

For more information feel free to contact 918kiss customer support service

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